[Week 3]so what is ISO in photography actually?

Hi and assalamualaikum wth,

Last week we had a very interesting class. We learned about the giant 3 skills in photography world..and we managed to practice the knowledge after that by capturing photos ourselves. At first, Dr. Zaida taught us about ISO, shutter speed and aperture..and yes, white balance too. Then we wandered around at education faculty with one camera each to capture any image we want..

sadly I don’t have any image to show since I didn’t upload the captured images..rugi kan? ish ish..but i can tell you what is ISO..

so what is ISO?

ISO in photography determines how sensitive the image sensor is to light. My coursemate, Mr Kadir said in his blog, ‘By setting the ISO, you’re telling the camera how sensitive it should be when it comes to absorbing light. The higher the ISO setting, the more sensitive the sensor is towards light’. The standard I.S.O that most people use everyday, giving accurate colour rendition and “clean” noise-free images is 100 I.S.O.

What this means is when using a ISO 100 on a bright sunny day, it will work great and but if you use ISO 100 for indoor shooting where lighting is low, then you will need lighting assistance. However if ISO 400 or 800 is use, then you may not need any lighting assistance if there’s sufficient lighting to give correct exposure.

General Rules and tips for ISO Settings:

  • Use an ISO of 100 or 200 when taking photographs outside in sunny conditions.
  • If the sky is overcast or it is evening time, then use an ISO within the range of 400 to 800.
  • Night time or in cases of low light you might need to set your digital camera ISO to 1600. If you don’t then your photo will appear too dark if at all.

EXIF : ISO 100, f7.1, speed:1/200s

EXIF : ISO 1600, f4, speed:1/60s

Nowwe are clearer about ISO right?hehe… feel free to visit my friends’ blogs (listed at the side bar) to know more about ISO too..