[Week 3]BULB setting..erm..mentol?

Hi and salam wth,

now we will talk about this little use in setting.BULB SETTING!

We need a camera that has a “B” or “bulb” setting. This little-used option opens your shutter and keeps it open until you press the shutter again to close it. The time the shutter is open will determine how long light trails will appear in your final fireworks photo. The longer the shutter is open, the longer the streak.

The B (Bulb) setting is used for shooting night scenes or long time exposures.

The steps to set:

1. Set the Shutter Speed Dial to “B”.

2. When the Shutter Release Button is pressed, the shutter is kept open as long as the Button is pressed.

* Use a tripod and cable release for Bulb photography to prevent unintentional movement of the camera.

Wow!! I found a video in youtube talking about how to set bulb mode~