[Week 4]SHUTTER SPEED and APERTURE:which should be set 1st and when?

salam wth and hi!

We did learn about aperture, shutter speed and ISO. We should know the dependency among three of them …

What happen if we set the shutter speed slow and fast?

And what happen if we set the aperture number small or big?

Let’s learn by capturing and seeing..hehe…

aperture: f29

shutter speed: 1/4 sec

ISO: 400

aperture: f4.2

shutter speed: 1/200 sec

ISO: 400

aperture: f5.6

shutter speed: 1/8 sec

ISO: 400

aperture: f5.6

shutter speed: 1/30 sec

ISO: 400

*Ada nampak beza tak? haha…pardon me if you can’t..saya budak baru  belajar*

Anyhow anyway, we supposed to see the blurry background for small number of aperture and clearer background for big aperture.. and we should see the movement of the water is being captured smoothly in slow shutter speed compared to faster shutter speed which will make the movement looks static…