[Week 5] Homework I did in Mid Sem Break

I did a comparison between shutter speed and aperture settings….

small number of aperture can produce a good bokeh image..like the one of wafiy’s image below..

slow shutter speed is not suitable if the lighting is already fine..this setting will just make the picture brighter and over exposed…

slow shutter speed can be nicely used when we want to capture movement…like the tail of the horse below…

F/5; 1/640 sec; ISO 1600

F/5; 1/1250 sec; ISO 1600

F/4; 1/200 sec; ISO 1600

F/4; 1/1250 sec; ISO 1600

F/25; 1/40 sec; ISO 800

F/5.6; 1/640 sec; ISO 800

See? the movement for shutter speed 1/640 sec is less beautiful right? seems static..