[Week 6] STUDIO Session…let’s see our model~

Studio photography is easy and not easy. everything is in our control…

Decide whether you want your studio to be floor-based or ceiling-based. A floor-based studio means that you have lightstands for the lights and background supports for the background.

In a ceiling-based studio, you mount background rollers on the ceiling and a rail system that allow flexible positioning of lights anywhere within a rectangular area.

In our project, utm studio uses floor-based..

Light Control

Hard light is generated by a small and/or far-away light and results in strong shadows. Examples of hard lights are the sun (not small but quite far away) and bare bulbs.

Soft light is generated by a large diffuse light and results in shadow-free images because there are many paths from the light source to the object. Examples of soft light are an overcast sky, a north-facing window close to the subject, a bulb reflected off an umbrella placed close to the subject.

Old-time photographers relied on silver umbrellas to get a somewhat softer light source. With white translucent umbrellas, you can use them like a silver umbrella and bounce off them (losing about 1/2 the light, which will go through and away from your subject) or push the light through them, which results in slightly harder light with the same 1-stop loss. However you use an umbrella, you’ll generally get a diffuse light source.

The modern religion is the softbox, a reflector-lined cavity covered with a white diffusion fabric. The best of these, e.g., the PhotoFlex MultiDome, allow you to remove the front fabric to get a “sort of hard” light, to place or remove an interior baffle to get a “slightly less soft” light, and to warm up the color of the light with a gold reflector. Because softboxes surround the light head, you lose much less light than you would using white umbrellas.

We used softbox…

ini model ke photographer? macam not very sharp kan?

a nice smile (tengah tahan gelak ni)

perempuan melayu terakhir..~

posing khas untuk photographer syifa! honoured!! kekek..

2 model ni patut di tengah sikit..silap angle ambil..harap dimaafkan…

ok..ni kenapa??

source: http://photo.net/learn/studio/primer


image source: mine!