[Week 7] LANDSCAPE vs PORTRAIT? who win??

Having learned about landscape and portrait in the last class..i come into a conclusion that what i understood about both concepts before was wrong…hehe…

basically like what amien stated in elearning;

Landscape: Width > Length
Nilai lebarnya lebih besar berbanding panjang atau tinggi.

Potrait: Height > Width
Nilai tingginya lebih besar berbanding nilai lebar.

like what the picture above has told us….~

i bumped into a description in the internet, stating that portrait is usually for live objects.. or meaning we want to capture it lively..that’s why people or animal are usually being captured in portrait orientation ..

while for landscape, it is usually used in panorama mode or building mode..

is it correct Dr? haha..it is my 2 cents ..
ok now..let us see the breaking rule in taking pictures.. ^^

this is what i captured…a red plant (haha..tak tau nama pokok ni) at the UTM lake…even though people like to take plants or trees in landscape orientation, but sometimes it is better to use portrait mode rite?

how about this? although the object in the picture is an animal, but the posing it showed made me decided to capture it in landscape…..am i right?