[Assignment 2]

Ouh.. a very tough assignment for me..~

My experience in handling Photoshop is 3 weeks in age… and now I am supposed to submit 6 nice manipulated pictures to Dr Z?? ouh…

digging into the books at the library…*thanks to Dr Z and Dr J’s books too~* … I managed to get a lot of ideas to create some..

anyway anyhow..I am a chobo~!!!!! in Korean, it means beginner..bear in mind with the fact please..

Don’t expect something worth to see…kekeke..

the actual picture is this… sweet lovely strawberries …

ok..~ don’t laugh!

a very messy masterpiece from me.

i still can’t control the smoothness in selection..haih.. ke salah mouse ek? *blaming others is sweet*

the technique is OUTLINE and FILL…

using the PEN tool, trembling, i copied the picture, without taking the shadow..

i wanted to make it like a drawing, with some unrealistic strawberries *in purpose..mind that..haha*

for finishing, i colored it with PAINT BUCKET TOOL and hias with ready background…

i also play with the opacity to soften the color secara seragam.. *actually i wanted to make it more in a pastel feel, tapi sayang pulak nak set opacity kecik kecik..dah susah payah warna kan?*

ok, here is the detail steps if any friends want to try it yourself:

Strawberries outline and fill

1. We’re starting with a photo of strawberries on a table. Reduce the opacity of the strawberries layer to around 30%, so it does not swamp us.

2. Start drawing the fruit outlines with the PEN tool. We don’t need to follow every nook and cranny in each fruits since we want to make it like a simple drawing. I did not include the shadow for the drawing.

3. When we have finished, hide the original photo. Then make a new layer, set the foreground color to black, choose small (around 3 pixel) HARD BRUSH. With the pen path all actives, press ENTER to stroke the paths with the brush on the new layer. I created one layer for each strawberry.

4. Color the drawing with PAINT BUCKET tool. You can also use BRUSH if you want to create color tone. Before coloring, select the colors we like for the strawberries. Here I choose several pink colors to make it more colorful.

5. Make a judgment as to what detail is necessary. I’ve added some pips on the strawberries to make them read correctly as strawberries.

6. I have added the background of the drawing with orange color (using PAINT BUCKET tool).  I’ve set the effects to BEVEL AND EMBOSS, followed by SATIN to make it more cheerful. Try any mode, depth and opacity you like. I’ve used 75% for the opacity of satin and dissolve mode.

7. Finally, reduce the opacity of the fill layer to make it looks good in drawing. I’ve taken it down to 90%.

the original figure is my beloved husband in a deep thinking..

I used different technique from the stated above for the strawberries..

it is called PAPER MONTAGES.. played with a lot of layers..


the lips are quite pink…not suitable for a man~~ heheh…

ok, here is the detail steps if any friends want to try it yourself:

Cut paper montages

1. Pick a nice picture of a person. In my original picture, the man is wearing a kopiah and baju melayu. I removed the disturbing background by cropping and reduce the capacity of shadow and ‘silauness’ at the face.

2. Begin by making a new layer. Use the LASSO tool to trace around the outline of the figure with the straight lines. We in purpose want to trace the outline roughly so that’s why straight lines are used.

3. Then fill the selection with a fleshtone color, and use LAYER STYLES to add a simple drop shadow effect.

4. With the layer, we can’t see the photo beneath. So, reduce the opacity of this layer to 80% so we can see through it. This procedure also gives the ‘paper’ a slightly translucent quality, which adds to the overall effect.

5. Make a selection to within the layer we’ve just created – in this case, we start with the face. Make a new layer from the selection. CTRL  J for the short cut. It will appear at the same opacity, with the drop shadow intact. Fill the selection of face with a suitable flesh color.

6. Now return to the first layer we created. Repeat the steps by making a new selection for nose, lips, kopiah, fingers, ears, eyes, eyebrows, clothes and nails. Make a new layer for each of them too. Recolor them as before.

7. It is done. I maintained the background because I like it. You can hide the background and change it to other color or pattern. You can also add texture to the montage if you want. I did not put any since I want it smooth.

again..the strawberries!

i guess the theme of the assignment is strawberries…

I played with the BRUSH SHAPE to make the dots to create the stamp border.

some TYPINGS WITH LAYER STYLE is good too ^^

since i really like using filter, i used CROSSHATCH to make it like a drawing.. do you like it too?

ok, here is the detail steps if any friends want to try it yourself:

Strawberry stamp

  1. Open any picture you want to make as a postage stamp. Here, I choose hands with strawberries. I adjust the color using CONTRAST and LEVEL to make it look better as a stamp.
  2. Crop the picture to be a square because we want the stamp to be square.
  3. Select IMAGE > CANVAS SIZE so that we can create the stamp frame. Set the width and height size to a slightly bigger size than the stamp picture. I’ve used 100 pixel x 100 pixel size.
  4. Double click the background layer, then press OK to rename the layer to Layer 0. So now, it is a regular layer.
  5. Now to make sure we have more space to play with, click CANVAS SIZE again and set the width and height to a bigger size, let say 200 pixel x 200 pixel. This area is for envelope too.
  6. Create a new layer for envelope. Choose a suitable color for it. I’ve used yellowish brown to make the viewer feel like it is on an envelope.
  7. Add a LAYER MASK in the Layer 0. Choose BRUSH tool and open BRUSH WINDOW. Click Brush Tip Shape. Pay attention to the diameter and spacing. Diameter is for the brush size, which means here the circle size for the stamp frame. Decide the size by matching the size with your stamp frame. Make sure it fits the frame, not too big and not too small. I’ve used 20 pixel. Spacing is for the gap of dot line. Decide the gap between dots to make it looks like real stamp. Test it. Here, I’ve used 127 of size.
  8. Set the hardness to be 100. We want it cuts the stamp frame accurately.
  9. To draw circles in straight line, here is the easiest way. Set the middle brush cursor roughly at the beginning of the white frame line and click. Then set the middle brush cursor at the end of the line, press SHIFT and click. Make sure the two clicks are straight so that it will create half circles in straight lines.
  10. Repeat the same step to another 3 sides of stamp frame.
  11. Add some texts for a stamp, like the value, the country and the event. Here, I’ve just added ‘60 sen’ and ‘Malaysia’. Make sure the color of texts is suitable. I’ve chosen white color. It is not necessary to put Effect to text. Place the texts at the most suitable part.
  12. Add any filter if you want. I have added slight CROSSHATCH filter because i like drawing stamps. Or simply let it be in the original shape. Here you are. The stamp is done.


combining two pictures using SELECT COLOR RANGE and QUICK MASK SELECTION

and use the DRY BRUSH filter to make it look more like a painting..

i like this filter very much..

this technique doesn’t have many steps, as we can see below:

Combining two pictures

  1. Choose two pictures to be combined.
  2. Here I’ve chosen a picture which I want the below part, the buildings and the river. Another picture is chosen because I want the top part, the buildings and the sky.
  3. Open the SELECT COLOR RANGE, select Sampled Colors. Choose SELECTION, and play with the fuzziness to select the desired area to copy. Here I’ve chosen the sky and the buildings.
  4. Create a layer for the 2nd photo. Set the Quick Mask mode by clicking on the Quick Mask icon. Paste the copied part in the 1st photo to the 2nd photo.
  5. Adjust the new picture to make it look real. Erase any unsuitable object in the picture.
  6. I have added DRY BRUSH filter to make it looks like a painting.
  7. The combined picture is done.


she is my friend. she likes to play kite.


basically, I used PAINT BUCKET TOOL, I applied FILL with the foreground color to the picture…

to make it like a simple poster, i added some motivation (is it motivating?) words by TYPE with a unique font..and not forgotten, a clip art to make it more meaningful…~

to you who wants the steps, here are they:

Towards the victory

  1. Because we want to create a winner photo, open any picture that has a figure with a suitable action for a victory. Make sure the figure has a good sharp outline too. Leave the attire issue because we are going to turn him or her into a silhouette.
  2. If we can’t find a clear background photo, clear it manually by erasing the background. Set the background color.
  3. To fill the layer with black, make black the foreground color (or press D key).
  4. Choose the PAINT BUCKET tool and color the figure into silhouette. Make sure whole body is covered. I have adjusted some parts to cover the thread of the kite because it is not necessary for the desired photo.
  5. I’ve added a trophy to the hand so it looks like a champion is holding it. Find the trophy in the clip art library. Find a suitable color for the trophy. I’ve chosen white color.
  6. I have added some texts on the shirts as the focal point. Type ‘Towards the victory”. Add any effect to the text. I don’t change anything because I have already used a complex typeface.
  7. You are done.


sweet…like the strawberries ^^

the technique is ADDING SPOT COLOR…

i played with the SHAPE LAYER and TYPE to get the main picture..

LAYER MASK and GRADIENT TOOL to get the pink color for background,

and the most important thing, THE NEW SPOT CHANNEL to get the strawberries..~

still, i’m not good in using lasso tool..*sigh*

for those who want detailed steps:

Sweet .. like strawberries

1. Prepare the outwork. Find a suitable photo which has some things to be highlighted. Here, I have chosen people holding strawberries because I want to write SWEET as the theme. Use the EXTRACT FILTER to silhouette a color photo of the people. Add an abstract background, then used the CHANNEL MIXER to translate the image to black and white.

2. Set the type to a desired font. Here I’ve used Jellyka typeface. Type ‘Sweet’ in the purple color. Convert to a shape layer (Layer > Type > Convert to Shape) and rotate to vertical (Edit > Transform Path > Rotate 90 CCW).

3. To create the white glow around the type, click the ‘Add a layer style’ button at the bottom of the layers palette, chose OUTER GLOW, and set up the glow (Opacity: 100%, Size: 20%). I’ve chosen the glow to be light purple.

4. To create the knockout for the pink edge of the tag, target the photo layer and add a ‘reveal all’ layer mask by clicking the ‘Add layer mask’ button at the bottom of the layer palette. Then choose the GRADIENT tool and in the option bar, choose BLACK AND WHITE GRADIENT.

5. To make a transition on the mask from black to white, click the layer mask’s thumbnail in Layer’s palette to target it. Position the cursor approximately on the vertical line of the type (the point where we want the solid pink to begin fade away), and SHIFT, drag to the right, stopping about at the top of the type.

6. For the pink channel (the edge color and the strawberries color), load the edge as a selection, and then subtract the type and its glow, and fill the remaining selection with the black in a new SPOT CHANNEL.

7. To turn the glow into pixels so its thumbnail can be CTRL + clicking to load it as a selection, choose Create Layer.

8. Now create a selection for the Spot Channel (the edge). Choose NEW SPOT CHANNEL and set up the pink channel. It will automatically include the knockout for the type and glow. To tint the strawberries, use LASSO tool to select it. Fill the selection with a tint, use a 40% tint here, then Edit > Fill, using Black at 40% opacity.

9. I’ve added some circle to the strawberries to give more effect. Now we are done. I have had some problem to save it. I don’t know why, but at last, I save it using print screen with JPEG format. *lame..i know -_-*


Again..do bear in mind please that I am a beginner ^^