[Week 8] First setting in Photoshop

this issue is a bit late for posting…lama pulak duduk dalam draft..

1. Why do we need to set the file as pixel or inches? Is there any difference between these two?

Not really. We need to set the file as pixel or inches to choose the Image Size. The Pixel Dimensions section tells us how many pixels are in our image. The Document Size section tells us how large the image will appear on paper if we print it.

in fact, the Document Size section of the Image Size dialog box tells us two things – what the current resolution of our image is, and how large or small the image will appear if we print it based on that resolution. so if we want the picture to be in a good shape, we must avoid small resolution by setting the pixel high and inch low..

2. What happen if one set the dpi more than 72 dpi? Can your eyes see the differences?

No. we can’t. actually the maximum we can see is 72dpi..it doesn’t mean we can’t see above, but it means above is same like 72dpi to the eyes.

3. What are the  tools used for selection and its function?

several tools can be used. the marquee tool (rectangular, elliptical,.. ), magic wand, quick selection tool, lasso tool (general, magnetic and polygonal) and pen tool (general, freeform…).

4. How the use of glossy paper able to fool one’s eyes?

because of the reflection! same like the LCD’s tactic..hehe


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