[Assignment 3] Sew for Home!

At last, I’m done with the book cover. Only God knows how I was miserable with this third assignment…haha… miserable je lebih, resultnya tak ada lah gempak pun.

Well, at least, take a look yea..I won’t promise it will be the best one, but this is my original idea after studying some book covers and some related pictures.

I do think that sewing is also a concept in handcrafting technique, which.. we can say a concept in teaching and learning. So here is a book cover about steps by steps in sewing =) … and the author is me!

Book Cover – Sew for Home!

1. Set the book cover to be A3 size by choosing International Paper. Choose A3. Set the color to be CMYK since it will be printed for books.

2.  Try to find suitable brick photo to make as the background of the cover. As the title is Sew for Home!, so we try to create home surrounding, like the brick of the home wall. We can actually create the brick ourselves by using Gradient and effects but I think using photo is way much faster.

3. I have opened the brick picture and copied the same picture twice and arranged them at the top and bottom to cover the A3 paper size.

4. Since the brick photo I have chosen is grey in color, I changed the color using COLOR BALANCE and push the color tone to be more to red to make the picture less serious.

5. Using my favorite MAGIC WAND tool, I have selected the baby apparel and copied it to the brick. To make it look real in hung, I have set the hand parts to lay down by using LIQUIFY FILTER (CTRL SHIFT X). Using FORWARD WARP tool, and suitable brush size, I have dragged the arms of the t-shirt to drop down.

6. To create a fun mode, I have searched for hanger picture and copied it into the book cover. I have arranged the hanger and the apparel to be like the hanger hangs the apparel and is hung at the brick edge. Since the original color of the hanger is white, which will be overshadowed by the brick, I have colored it to yellow by PAINT BUCKET tool.

7. In another new file, I have created a white rectangle with the top and bottom tick red lines, similar to thread lines. To create the straight line, choose BRUSH tool and click the beginning of the line, then press shift and click the finishing of the line. It will appear to be straight if we set the finishing straight. I have used manual way by erasing the line to get tick line. Then I’ve copied the rectangle and pasted it to the book cover and adjust the size.

8. Using interesting and suitable typography and color, which I have used maroon and white colors here, type the title: ‘Sew for Home!’, the writer: ‘by Syifak Izhar’, a simple description of the book: 18 simple but stylish designs for colorful life’, and some encouragement words like: ‘Want it? Make it!’ and ‘A little fabric therapy always help’. Based on my observation, the writer name should be small, and the description too, should not be big. I have put a shadow and stroke effect to the description because I think it should be highlighted even though it should not be the focus of eyes.

9. For the last part, I have added some images to decorate the title banner, like the buttons, pencil, scissors and measuring tape.  I am done!

Actually this is my first idea for the book cover, which a poem book about colors for children. half way doing it, I realized the size is not right for A3 size. full of determination, i completed the modification and satisfied with the result. haha..

A Poem about Colors

1. Select a bunch of roses.

2. Using the COLOR REPLACEMENT tool, color each rose with different colors to make it look colorful.

3. Add some filter. Here I have used DRY BRUSH filter.

4. Create new file. Paste the colorful roses at the bottom left of the file.

5. Choose an interesting typeface for the poem title and another childish typeface for the poem.

6. Apply some effect like STROKE for the title and leave it bare for the poem.