[Week 11] Photoshop FILTER is for the one who are lazy to create effects..haha

For this week, we have learned about filters and plug in. As we know, Photoshop especially CS4 has offered wayyy a lot of filters to be used. I really like these filters, especially the one which can transform the image to drawing. My favorite is charcoal and dry brush. Kalau boleh semua gambar yang diedit pun nak dibubuh filter nih..haha

Well, we also can add some more for free plugins and filters. Try search at the internet and you will rambang mata to find  lot of them. Cumanya, of course it wont be as many as actions. I don’t know and I am not sure why, but that’s the fact.. ^^

Take a look at these websites, there are varieties to be downloaded…



http://www.newfreedownloads.com/Multimedia-Graphics/Image-Editors/Fractalius-plug-in.html >> i like this filter! superb!

To add filters or plug ins is not a difficult thing. Just install it if it is in .exe file, or if the downloaded file is .8ba or .8bf, move it into filter folder please…^^

Be Smart with you filters. Don’t simply use here and there but make it looks natural and bombastic ok! *cewah.gaya cakap macam terer*